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Retired dog of the week

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If you are in the market for a beautiful, healthy, well socialize puppy, bred for health and temperament, Look No Further!

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Preparing for you Puppy

Preparing for your new puppy? Get expert advice on supplies, training, and more. Click now!

Puppy-Safe House Tips

Keep your puppy safe and happy at home. Click now for expert tips on puppy proofing!

New Pup Essentials

Get your furry friend everything they need to thrive. Click now for expert advice on supplies!

Socializing Your Puppy

Socialization is key to a well-adjusted pup. Click now for expert tips on socializing your puppy!

Setting a Schedule

Create a routine for your pup to thrive. Click now for expert tips on setting a puppy schedule!

Bringing Your Pup Home

Bringing your new pup home is exciting! Click now for expert tips on puppy care.

Things You Need to Know!

Separation Anxiety – Starts at Home

Separation anxiety is when your puppy/dog exhibits extreme stress from the time you leave him alone until you return. The symptoms can vary, but he will act as if he’s terrified to be in the house on his own. Separation…   Continue

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppy proofing your home should start days before your new puppy arrives.  If you have followed our protocols, you have spent a significant amount of time and resources to get this far.  Don’t stop, you still have work to do….   Continue

How to House Train a Puppy in 12 Steps

The secret of how to house train a puppy is consistency, patience, positive reinforcement and a manageable schedule. Most puppies learn a training schedule within 4 to 6 months, and if they are under 24 weeks old, will need to…   Continue

The Building Blocks of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Working with a responsible breeder can lead to a lifetime of happiness with your furry friend, while cutting corners or getting tricked by unethical sources may result in years of complications. Becoming a dog parent is one of the biggest…   Continue

Bringing My Puppy Home

Thank you for allowing Chris and I,  in our own little way, to be a part of your family.  Understanding you have gone through a tremendous family transformation, I hope this information will help you “survive” puppyhood. If this is…   Continue

Need To Know Information

How Much Does My Dog Sleep?

I found this great article about canine sleeping habits.  I reconfigured it for our website and shortened it some.  You can; however, read the entire article at There are few things more smile-inducing and “awww”-inspiring than seeing a cute…   Continue

Training Your Dog is an Absolute!

Why Training is Essential Welcome to Crooked Star Bulldogges, where we are passionate about raising well-behaved and healthy dogs. Well-behaved, companion oldies and frenchies are a blessing to raise. But untrained; however, they spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. For those who follow Crooked…   Continue

At what age should a dog be spayed or neutered?

If you puppy was purchased as a pet, you have a contractual obligation to spay or neuter him or her by the age of 10 months.  With that said, there other reasons to spay/neuter. Prevent unplanned puppies. If your female…   Continue

Your OEB Needs Daily Exercise

OEB needs daily physical activity so they can stay fit, stimulate their minds, and maintain good health. Daily exercise also tends to help avoid boredom, which has the potential to lead to naughty behavior. A little fun and games would…   Continue