Whelping Services

Whelping Services

We realize that dog owners may want to breed their dam, but do not have the facilities, time, or experience to give the litter the best possible start that we all want for our puppies. Crooked Star Bulldogges offers whelping/puppy care services to a limited number of pre-approved litters each year.  These litters receive the same excellent start that all Crooked Star Bulldogge puppies receive from birth until they are in the hands of their new owners at 7 weeks of age.

Chris and I have developed a veterinarian-approved program that gives both momma and puppies the best chance of success.  As with all Crooked Star Bulldogge puppies, this process will be documented and become part of your puppy package to your new owners.

Our whelping area is located in a dedicated section of our home to provide the care needed for whelping and raising a litter. The whelping/nursery area provides a safe and quiet area for the new mom and puppies and they are equipped with the state of the art equipment such as incubators, oxygen concentrators, and nebulizers and stocked with all of the needed supplies those puppies who need a little extra care.

Our focus is cleanliness, safety, and most of all providing a wonderful home to the puppies before they go to their new homes.

Custom Whelping Services

Although we are happy to create a whelping program that meets your desired outcome and budget, the general cost of our full-service approach is $700.00 per week.

  • Care of your pregnant dam for at least 1 week prior to the scheduled whelp date of the puppies.  The option of an extra week is available for an additional fee.
  • Administration of any drugs or supplements during the dam’s stay.  These are provided by the owner/owner’s veterinarian or our veterinarian.
  • Whelping the pups. If complications arise and trips to the vet are necessary, the dam’s owner is responsible for the vet services. Any drugs used in the whelping process are to be provided by or paid for by the owner.
  • If a C-Section is needed, whether scheduled or an emergency, Crooked Star Bulldogges will update the owner throughout the process.
  • Trip to the vet for dew claw removal, initial puppy checkup, and post whelp checkup of the dam, normally 3-4 days post whelp.
  • Trip to vet for 1st round of puppy shots. These vet costs are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Administration of de-worming and de-protozoa medicines.  Some of these medicines we use to keep the pups free from parasites throughout the time they are at Crooked Star Bulldogges.
  • Weaning of puppies at 4-5 weeks of age.  Puppies are fed Purina ProPlan Puppy Food, unless other food is requested by the bitch’s owner.  The bitch will be fed the same food during her stay.
  • Staying at Crooked Star Bulldogges until they are 7 weeks old.
  • All costs associated with veterinarian services, medication or special supplies are the sole responsibility of the dam’s owner.

Partial Whelping Services

For those owners who have the capacity to care for the puppies once they are whelped and stabilized, we offer other programs to help assist you through the process.

All packages consider the dam arrival one week prior to whelp.  This allows her to get settled into her new surroundings and allows us to observe her normal behaviors beforehand.  This also allows us to take her to our veterinarian for a pre-whelp check and puppy count x-ray.

  • Whelp plus 1 week –  This service provides the same whelping services as above, however, the dam and puppies are only staying at Crooked Star Bulldogges for one week post-whelp.
  • Whelp plus 2 weeks –  This service provides the same whelping services as above, however, the dam and puppies are only staying at Crooked Star Bulldogges for two weeks post-whelp.  This is a good package particularly for french bulldogs who tend to need additional care beyond that first week.
  • Full Whelp – As described above this is an 8-week package that includes all of the services listed.
  • Custom – Crooked Star Bulldogges can customize about any plan that meets your whelp and budgetary needs.