What Kind Of Puppy Is Right For Me?

What are the characteristics of a female versus a male?

Male Olde English Bulldogges: They are loyal and loving to all family members. They are a bit more difficult to train but are extremely laid back and non-aggressive. They are just great big teddy bears that can’t get enough belly scratching and lap sitting.

Female Olde English Bulldogges:  They are very smart, athletic, loyal, and easy to train. Females tend to be more independent but are still very affectionate and love cuddling with all family members. Females take the time to take in what’s happening around them before acting.

What are the characteristics of the colors (explanation, cost, recessive vs. dominant)?

Traditional Olde English Bulldogge colors include brindle, sable (fawn), and red. Brindle is a dominate color and sable or any non-brindle color is recessive.

Black, blue, chocolate, and lilac combined with differing amounts of white and/or brindling are all rare colors and the result of several (three to four) combinations of recessive gene pairs. Rare colored bulldogs typically start at $1,500-$1,800.

Tri colors include blue, black, chocolate, and lilac. The tri coloration incorporates the “point’ colors into the coat markings. Point colors, including eye pips, cheek markings, and leg socks, are the result of an additional pair of recessive genes. Tri colored bulldogges start at $1,800 and can go up to $3,200, depending on genotype and pedigree.

A lilac tri puppy has up to five pairs of recessive genes that create this very rare color combination and is available for $2,500 to $3500.

Foundation dogs in our program can produce many of these rare colors and were purchased or produced for a higher price and a greater financial investment. Traditionally colored bulldogs that do not have the genotype to produce the rare colors.