So You Want an Olde English Bulldogge?

If you’re considering getting a bulldog, you may be wondering which breed is the best fit for you – the classic English Bulldog or the more recently developed Olde English Bulldogge (OEB). Having owned several (13) OEB ourselves, we’re excited…   Continue

Olde English Bulldogges Breed History

The Bulldog breed began with the Alaunt, an extinct line of working dogs existing in ancient Asia and Europe. Around 1500 AD in France, Alaunts were separated into three distinct categories based on physical appearance and duties performed: 1) Alaunt…   Continue

OEB Health

1 Word – Health. The Olde English Bulldogge may be a healthier breed of dog than many modern bulldog breeds, though they can still be affected by many of the same disorders that occur in any breed.  The original purpose…   Continue

What is a CSB OEB?

When Chris and I started raising Olde English Bulldogges, we studied and studied the breed standards and began to compare the “standard” to what was actually being produced and sold in the marketplace.  In short, we did not like what…   Continue

Olde English Bulldogge Breed Standard

  Understanding the basic Olde English Bulldogge “breed standard” is the cornerstone of every breeding program and should be the light by which every breeder is guided.  Unfortunately, in many cases, backyard breeders simply “hook” two dogs up and call…   Continue