What food do you recommend or feed your Olde English Bulldogge?

We feed our dogs a combination of Diamond Nature and homemade wet food made from all human grade food. It is common for dogs to be allergic to grains but we specifically feed our dogs food with grain to make sure we aren’t breeding any known allergies. We do think it is a good idea for pet owners to stick with high protein food with low fillers and either low or no grain. When you first get your puppy, try to stick with one diet and one type of treat for a while until your dog adapts to its new home and environment. CSB will give you at least 2 weeks worth of food. If you can not replicate the identical food, we believe you should have a 3 or 5 day transition period slowing mixing the new food with the old.

Better food equals buying less food and picking up less poop. Dogs eating “name brand” big box store food eat twice as much because of fillers and junk and can easily poop 8 times a day. Better food should keep adults to 1 or 2 stools a day.