Sample Puppy Agreement – 2022

Puppy Purchase No Breeding Rights Contract

 This agreement documents the transfer of ownership of      Crooked Star Bulldogges XXX     (puppy/dog) from Bernie and Chris Keasler, Crooked Star Bulldogges (CSB) , Crooked Star, LLC    , (seller)
to                                         (Buyer), located at                                                                                                       ,   (Telephone)                                       ,  (Email) :                                                 .    

Puppy Information:

Date of Sale:
Puppy Name:
Color Description:
Litter/Application Number:
Dam (Mother):
Stud (Father):



    B) If the dog/bitch is bred, either purposely or accidentally, the Buyer agrees to return the dog/bitch to CSB, and all puppies whelped from any breeding, accidental or otherwise, will become the property of CSB.  The Buyer agrees to pay a penalty of $5,000. 
    Crooked Star Bulldogge is not liable for any refund, including the dog’s original purchase price or ANY expenses incurred.C) Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy before the puppy reaches 11 months.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility, not the veterinarian, to ensure CSB has received verification the surgery was performed.  If the Buyer fails to provide veterinarian proof of sterilization, the Buyer agrees to relinquish the puppy to CSB without refund and pay CSB a penalty of $2,500 plus any costs CSB incurs to retrieve the puppy.  CSB has the right to withhold registration papers until proof is provided.


  1. This puppy is sold with no known genetic defect.  CSB certifies that, upon receipt, the dog is in good health and has been immunized and de-wormed per the accompanying health records.  The Buyer agrees to have the puppy/dog examined by the Buyer’s veterinarian at the Buyer’s expense within 72 hours of taking possession. 

    Should the veterinarian not give the puppy a clean bill of health, the BUYER must notify CSB immediately.  CSB reserves the right to have the puppy re-examined at CSB’s veterinarian clinic at CSB’s expense.  The Buyer must furnish copies of all examination results to CSB within five days of receipt of the puppy, failure to provide examination results will render the Genetic Disease Guarantee null and void.

  2. General Health:  Dr. Kayla Livengood, DVM, examined each puppy at Alvarado Veterinarian Clinic.  Unless otherwise stated, the puppy was deemed by the above-mention DVM to be in good health on  _________      _.  CSB affirms the puppy has been immunized and de-wormed per the accompanying health records.  The Buyer is responsible for all vaccinations after purchase.Although rare, a puppy may leave the premises with minor protozoal infections, such as Giardia/Coccidia.  These are NOT significant issues and can easily be remedied with inexpensive medication.  These conditions are NOT a result of bad breeding; they are from factors associated with the breeding process.  Small traces of intestinal worms may be found in some puppies after the wormer is given.  Simply, have your puppy re-checked during your initial health exam.
  3. Genetic Disease Guarantee: CSB guarantees our pups to be genetically sound and free of any “life-threatening” disease in terms of currently detectable genetic disorders for up to 12 months.  In the event of a life-threatening genetic disorder, with proper documentation, the puppy with the disorder can be returned to CSB, and your puppy will be replaced.
  4. Although CSB makes every effort to reduce the health risks, Hip Dysplasia and Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome are both well-documented conditions that can affect bulldogs, including the OEB and French Bulldog; because of this, CSB specifically excludes these conditions from our guarantee.
  5. In addition, the Genetic Disease Guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions: Intestinal parasite (Coccidiosis, Giardia, Worms), Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Ear or Skin Mites, Mange (Demodectic, Sarcoptic or Cheyletiella), Canine Seborrbea,  Cherry Eye, Allergies (food or skin), Herniation (Inguinal, Perineal or Diaphragmatic), Stenotic Nares, Small Trachea, Entropian, Elongated Soft Palate, Undescended Testes, Luxated Patellas grade 1-4.  These are all well-documented conditions common within many of the bulldog breeds.  The Buyer agrees to hold CSB harmless for these conditions. 
  6. All guarantees are VOID if the puppy/dog has not received proper veterinarian care that an average person would consider humane.  If CSB is made aware that the Buyer has abused or neglected the puppy/dog, CSB has the right to take possession of the puppy/dog, and NO REFUND will be given.  In addition, the Buyer will assume all legal and third-party fees associated with the repossession.  If at any time CSB considers the treatment of the puppy/dog to be neglect or abuse, CSB will notify the proper authorities and consider further legal action, if warranted.
  7. Crooked Star Bulldogges is not responsible for puppies/dogs infected with Canine Parvo Virus or any bacteria infections after 48 hours of delivery.  Parvo is extremely deadly and, unfortunately, very abundant.  We release pups with updated vaccines; however, puppies released before sixteen weeks old require additional.  As the new owner, it is your sole responsibility to ensure your new puppy is not infected or exposed to Parvo or any other common disease due to a lack of immunization.Until fully immunized, the new owner, the puppy, and any current pets should avoid pet stores, dog parks, shared yards/play areas, or other places where other dogs are or may have been, including fence-to-fence situations.  We also HIGHLY recommend water bowls stay inside to prevent contamination from mice or birds who will have the potential to drink from it.  In the case of Parvo, please notify us immediately for assistance.
  8. As the Buyer, you agree never to place our puppies/dogs into a shelter.  In the event, for whatever reason (no questions asked), the Buyer cannot properly care for the puppy/dog, the Buyer agrees to relinquish the animal to Crooked Star Bulldogges or a designated agent without compensation.The puppy/dog may not transfer ownership without the express written consent of Bernie or Chris Keasler, Crooked Star Bulldogges, or Crooked Star LLC.  If permission is granted, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to convey the terms and conditions of this contract.  THE NEW OWNER MUST ABIDE BY THE STIPULATIONS HELD WITHIN THIS CONTRACT.

    Transferring ownership or relinquishing the above-listed dog without Crooked Star Bulldogge’s written consent is considered a BREACH IN CONTRACT, which may result in civil legal action.  The Buyer agrees to pay a penalty of $2,500 and must return the puppy/dog to CSB.  Furthermore, the Buyer agrees to reimburse CSB for all out-of-pocket expenses in rehoming the puppy/dog.
  9. CSB offers no guarantees as to the puppy’s size, eye color, or coat color as the puppy grows into an adult.  This includes any breed-specific DNA testing such as, but not limited to, Embark or Wisdom testing.  If CSB provides color DNA test results for the above-mentioned puppy, the BUYER agrees to hold CSB harmless should future tests differ from those provided.  CSB does not conduct the test and only reports the results; therefore, we can not be held liable for the results.
  10. The CSB assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality expenses, landlord disapproval, or any other undesirable circumstances once the dog has left CSB kennels.
  11. Registry papers will be provided at the time of delivery.  On rare occasions, registration papers are unavailable at the time of delivery; CSB agrees to forward those papers to BUYER within 48 hours of receipt to the address listed within this agreement.
  12. Crooked Star Bulldogs is NOT a veterinarian.  We only give information based on knowledge from our breed and years of animal experience.  Our opinions should not be substituted for a qualified veterinarian.
  13. The Buyer agrees to avoid civil action.  If any disagreement arises, the buyer/seller will try to find a solution amicably.  If this is not possible, the Buyer agrees to binding arbitration from 3rd party arbitrator designated by the seller.
  14. This agreement shall remain in effect for the life of the dog.

 _______  By initial, I understand that basic obedience training is an essential component in the success of being a good puppy/dog parent.  By my initial, I pledge to provide the above-listed dog with the necessary training to be designated as AKC “Canine Good Citizen.” The CGC information can be found at

_______  By initial, I certify that any dog(s) the BUYER owns or may come in contact with are fully immunized.  The BUYER accepts all responsibility to ensure any dog(s) the above-listed puppy comes in contact with, directly or indirectly, is immunized.  BUYER agrees to hold Crooked Star Bulldogges, Crooked Star LLC, owners, or their agents harmless for illnesses that occur to other dogs after the puppy leaves Crooked Star Bulldogges.

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties.  Seller and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations, or warranties, express or implied, unless expressly stated in this Agreement.


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