OEB Health

1 Word – Health. The Olde English Bulldogge may be a healthier breed of dog than many modern bulldog breeds, though they can still be affected by many of the same disorders that occur in any breed.  The original purpose of the OEB was to to breed out many of the health issues that plague the English Bulldog.

Good New / Bad News…

Bad News – Not all breeders have followed the guideline of our forefathers.  In many case, hobby breeders will breed for “what sells” and unfortunately many of the traits that make puppies more marketable are the same traits Levett, and those who followed, have spent decades trying to correct.  Wrinkles, short legs, big heads, massive chest and flat noses/faces will sell and sell quick; however, these same traits to any extreme will spell disaster in years to come with expensive vet bills or even shortened life spans.

Good New – Many other breeders, like Crooked Star Bulldogges, are now x-ray hips to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia as well as having dogs evaluated by organizations such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  In addition, a quality breeder will also attempt to “marry” breeding animals in an attempt to correct the “flaws” of either animal.  With over 15 years breeding championship cattle, we understand the breed and utilized good breeding standards to produce puppies we are very proud to have the Crooked Star Bulldogge name.

In addition, we has started DNA testing our breeding animals through DDC Veterinary for issues like Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Uric Acid and Color.

When considering buying a puppy it is important to ask about the health testing performed on BOTH parents of a litter to better evaluate the likeliness of buying a sound puppy.  Although not 100% accurate, these test are a good indicators as to the pups future health and vitality. Trust be verify! DO NOT ACCEPT THE ANSWER….“Oh, I’ve never had any hip issues”.  That statement is the first indication the breeder has not preformed basic due-diligent testing and many issues may not appear until the dogs is an adult.

The Olde English Bulldogge is also quickly becoming well respected in many working venues such as weight pull, therapy training, obedience and several others. They have become better breathers and do not have to be kept in an air conditioned environment on hot days. In properly structured EOB, artificial insemination is not a standard protocol when breeding Olde English Bulldogges; natural ties are the standard. Likewise, caesarean sections are only needed in the event of unexpected complications at delivery like with almost any breed of dog.