Understanding Umbilical Hernias in Dogs

Umbilical hernias are usually painless and typically do not cause any long-term issues as the puppy grows into an adult. Most umbilical hernias pose no health threats. While the exact incidence and causes are unknown, if certain “family” lines have…   Continue

What Does Hip Dysplaisa Look Like

Dog hip dysplasia (CHD – Canine Hip Dysplasia) is a malformation of the hip joint – instead of a nice round ball fitting smoothly into a deep socket, the joint contains a shallow socket and irregularly shaped ball.  These malformations…   Continue

OEB Health

1 Word – Health. The Olde English Bulldogge may be a healthier breed of dog than many modern bulldog breeds, though they can still be affected by many of the same disorders that occur in any breed.  The original purpose…   Continue