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jessica lowery
jessica lowery
We love Bernie and Chris! They are such honest and kind people. We got our big boy JAX from them in January and he has been such an addition to our family. We get so many compliments when we take him to soccer games or baseball games. And our other dog loves him just as much. You won’t be disappointed in getting an Oldie 😎
Ryan Gill
Ryan Gill
If you are looking for a very personable breeder that has amazing dogs, this is the place. They answer any and all questions and make sure that you have every bit of information needed to be successful with your new family member.
Claudette Croft
Claudette Croft
Bernie and Chris are amazing people. They have the most beautiful fur babies. They were so kind, kept in touch with us from day 1 and taught us so much more about the OEB puppies. We had a girl a couple of years back that we lost and i had been looking for another old english bulldog for my husband. They took their time with us when we went to get our new baby and had everything detailed out! I am very careful on whom i choose and we are so glad we found Crooked Star Bulldogs! Do not look any further, they are the best and have the best. Thank you Bernie and Chris for everything! ❤🐶❤🐶❤
Olivia Pich
Olivia Pich
A great breeder can make all of the difference, so look no further! Bernie and Chris are wonderful and I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with them for my French Bulldog. A few months ago, I decided I was ready to get a new dog and I figured I'd look into French bulldogs because I always thought they were adorable. I knew they were expensive but the French bulldog market was overwhelming to say the least. I saw many people getting scammed on Facebook, people advertising they had this gene, that gene, people telling me "If you can come today I'll take $500 off!". No one was being thorough or talking about the health of the puppies or the parents of the litter. I felt very rushed and I found myself wondering if I was in over my head. Bernie and Chris are professional, incredibly thorough and most importantly, they really care about these dogs. Upon meeting with them, I cancelled the rest of my meetings with other breeders because I had all the assurance I needed that through them, I would be getting a healthy and wonderful pup. They really take the time to sit down with you and talk through any worries, medical information, shot information; all the things a good breeder should do and more. My puppy has a great temperament, personality, and above all he's healthy. (The vet even said his breathing/snout looked great for a Frenchie!) I'm so incredibly happy I went here to find my new best friend!
dewayne stone
dewayne stone
We have gotten 3 Olde English Bulldogges and 1 Frenchie. They're the kindest well mannered doggies! Chris and Bernie are 100% honest about their breed and will help you any way they can. Such awesome folks! We became friends and talk occasionally. We found 2 forever friends!
T Carter
T Carter
My experience with Crooked Star Breeders was very professional. The love and compassion the owners have for their pets were evident. The breeder was very upfront and direct with his expectations for the litter. They addressed any concerns with the litter selection process. The breeder kept me informed weekly regarding the status of the litter arrival date and the health of the puppies. My wife and I visited their kennel, which I consider to be a five-star. The breeder's kennel area was clean and organized. They also provide a climate control area for each dog. On the take-home day, the breeder provided a VERY detailed contract with all my pup's registration and health documentation. We are very pleased with our selection and feel confident in the breed. I would highly recommend using Crooked Star for your next pet. I'm 100% sure they will be for our next future pet.
William Danley
William Danley
Had the absolute best experience with them! I got a rescue english from them. They made sure we were a good placement for him and made sure our pumba was well taken care of. We got pumba from them and we couldn't be happier! Thank yall!
Heather Ward
Heather Ward
The best! Not only did we add two Olde English Bulldogs to our family but we also expanded it with Bernie and Christina. They love their dogs and consider them family as much as we do. I have stayed in contact with them and often seek advice for not only our dogs but for life as well. Deciding to adopt from Crooked Star was the best decision we ever made. We love them so much we're even planning to add a Frenchie to our family. Thank you Bernie and Chris of Crooked Star for being so awesome!


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