How to House Train a Puppy in 12 Steps

The secret of how to house train a puppy is consistency, patience, positive reinforcement and a manageable schedule. Most puppies learn a training schedule within 4 to 6 months, and if they are under 24 weeks old, will need to potty a minimum of 3 to 5 times per day.

As a general rule a puppy should be able to hold his bladder 1 hour for each month of age; therefore, a 5 month old puppy should be able to wait 5 hours.

It is not instinctive for dogs to potty outside, but it is natural for them to  NOT go where  they sleep. This is why CRATE TRAINING  is such an important part of house training

12-step house training guide

Learn to patiently train a puppy to potty in a certain area with this easy guide.

  1. Take the puppy outdoors early in the morning as possible.
  2. Place your puppy in an area that he will mark as his potty-training spot.
  3. Allow the pup to smell the ground and explore until a favorable spot is found.
  4. After his potty, lavish your young dog with lots of praise for good behavior.
  5. Return indoors to give your pup breakfast.
  6. 20 minutes after eating/drinking/playing, take the pup outside again.
  7. Place your puppy in the same spot he marked earlier. Allow him to explore again.
  8. To help him understand it’s time to potty, walk him around the area slowly and encourage him to follow you or teach him to potty with a command that you’ll continue to use, such as “go potty”.
  9. Repeat the command and point down to the area for him to go to. This may take a few tries.
  10. Once the pup potties, give him lots of praise, you may even reward him with a tiny treat.
  11. 2-hours later, repeat steps 7 to 10.
  12. Be consistent, never miss a break, always be supportive to your puppy and you’ll get the results you want in no time!