Why Adopt a Retired Dog from Crooked Star Bulldogges: A Personal Touch to Finding Your Perfect Companion

From time to time, Chris and I will retire one of our breeding dogs and, trust me, it is the hardest part of this business. Please understand, this isn’t because they are useless to us after they are done breeding, quite the contra, we retire dogs for their quality of life.

The Question of WHY?

Think about this and do the math.  We have 20+ dogs at any given time in current breeding program and, although it’s typically much less, let’s just say they breed for half their life, if we kept all of our breeding females until they passed, we would be managing twice or three times the number of dogs at any given time – meaning we have to stretch our attention across 40, 50 or even 60 dogs.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Rehoming our retired dogs allows them to be the center of attention in a loving family with a comfortable couch to grow old on. They have done their work, and it’s time for them to enjoy the benefits of their labor.

Retired dogs from a reputable breeder are very special – particularly our females. To Chris and I, retired females are QUEENS and deserved to be treated as such.   Think about it, they are generally extremely healthy as they were selected to be breeders, they are usually very easy-going because they are used to a bit of chaos living with so many dogs and have typically have been handled quite often.  Not to mention, a breeding dog, from a reputable breeder like Chris and I, has been very well-cared for, had the best of everything and socialized to many environments, making them wonderful companions.

Having spent significant time and effort caring for these dogs, we have formed a special bond and a deep sense of responsibility to ensure they live out their retirement years in the best possible environment. When you adopt a retired dog from us, it is a privilege that comes with a great deal of trust and commitment. We want to ensure that our dogs find loving homes where they can receive the attention, care, and companionship they deserve – remember they are KINGS and QUEENS!

Retired breeding dogs are not blank slates, they can be established their ways (both good and bad); each having their own quirks and personalities. It’s like dating in our 40s, they carry a bit of life’s baggage; of which we may have to simply accept.

The Warning!

Chris and I are extremely picky at who gets the privilege of owning one of Crooked Star Bulldogges’ retired dogs.  Because we have been in the “trenches” with these girls, there is a bond, there is trust and there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility to see them live out their retirement years in perfection.

If you are at all interested, please contact us at 214.796.0877