Stud Services

Stud Services –

When using a stud service, choosing the right breeder and the right stud is paramount. Collecting, preparing, shipping, and timing are critical when it comes to breeding your dam.  With years of experience, Crooked Star Bulldogges can assist you with your stud dog needs.

Currently, we have several Olde English and French Bulldogs available to service your female. Whether you are looking for size, structure, temperament, or color, we have to male for you.

Simple Terms –

Most breeders make you pay the entire stud fee upfront, and you have little or no guarantee.  Or, at best, you have little recourse should something go wrong. We make a commitment to you.  When breeding with Crooked Star Bulldogges, you pay a $75 collection fee and 50% of the stud fee.  Shipping fees are paid separately.  You only pay the balance (the remaining 50%) when you have a successful litter. We consider a successful litter of 2 puppies at 3 days of age.

Timing the AI

We recommend you do a progesterone test(s) to determine the stage of heat your dam is in. You typically perform the AI two days after ovulation; this gives plenty of time to have fresh, chilled semen delivered. Your vet can perform the progesterone to pinpoint ovulation. Crooked Star Bulldogge can assist with this as well.  We recommend shipping the day after a progesterone level of 5 and the same day on level 8.


If the collection and AI are performed at Crooked Star Bulldogges, we will collect the fresh semen just before the AI.

We collect from our stud.  The sperm will be mixed with an extender and slowly chilled to maintain the optimum temperature for the entire trip. The sperm should arrive in good condition. We HIGHLY suggest shipping to the address performing the AI.


We ship using FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. Each of these has “Pros and Cons.” If you are using a Vet for the AI, make sure they are open when the specimen arrives.  We can include an AI kit so you can do this at home.

FedEx and UPS offer overnight service to almost the entire Continental United States, and 99% of shipments go this way. If we can collect by 3 PM and you should receive the semen the following by noon the following morning in major cities, 2-4 pm for smaller places, and by the end of the day for more rural areas. Rural areas can be tough for Saturday deliver. Pickups can be limited on Saturday or Sunday, so we can not guarantee your overnight delivery using FedEx or UPS on either Sunday or Monday. If delivery is unavailable on Saturday, we can usually find a location that offers Saturday delivery in a near-bye community. There may be some additional cost.

The Post Office also has overnight service, but they are not as reliable and do not operate on Holidays. However, we can ship on a Saturday for a Monday arrival.

Multiple Shipments

About 50% of the breedings are two shipments two days apart.  Depending on progesterone results and the issues such as weekends and holidays can decide if a single or two shipments make sense. You only pay a single stud fee; each collection is $75, and shipping fees.

Typical Costs

Listed below are “typical” charges for us collecting, packaging, and shipping.  Actual prices may vary.

  • $75 per collection
  • $150 for packaging and extender
  • $150-300 shipping overnight FedEx shipping.*
  • Stud fees  vary by dog from $1,000- $3500

The Collection Fee and 50% stud fee is required with the signed contract and the balance of the stud fee after whelp.

* Shipping is the biggest variable in the process, simply because there are some many variables.  We will discuss the parameters beforehand.