Shipping Policy


Generally, Chris and I do not ship puppies via ground carriers unless CSB fully vets the carrier.  We have attempted this several times and have not been happy with the results. Because of this, we would rather deliver the puppies ourselves.

CSB prefers to flight nanny the puppies to the closes airport.

Owners of shipped puppies are responsible for all shipping/transportation costs.

CSB will only fly puppies who are escorted by CSB, the new owner, or those representing either party in writing. Regardless of escort, the puppy is considered the buyer’s property at the time he/she leaves our kennel.  Puppies will never be shipped cargo.

In shipping puppies, the airfare is the most expensive and varied component.  If CSB is responsible for arranging travel, we will not book the flight until all shipping costs are paid in full.  CSB will work with the buyer to determine the best options.

CSB is located approximately 1 hour from either DFW International Airport or Love Field.  If required, departure or arrival times are before 7 am or after 7 pm, CSB reserves to right to add an additional surcharge.  Because there are additional steps required to clear the puppy for flight (from ticketing to security), we must arrive at the airport  2.5 – 3 hours before departure.

Generally, the costs are as follows:

  • Air Fare
  • Hotel cost, if applicable.
  • Transfer fees – We asked the buyer to meet at the airport in an unsecured area; if we deliver the puppy to another location, fees for Uber, Lyft, etc. are part of the costs.
  • All costs associated with flying the puppy.  Each airline charges a pet fee to fly the puppy in the cabin.  In addition, some airlines may request a  vet supplied “health certificate.”  $125 – $200
  • $100 flat fee for supplies, parking, tolls etc.  The buyer is responsible for providing a small carrier at delivery.
  • $250 per day (7 am – 7 pm)

Example for delivering a puppy to Kansas City, Mo. (10/18) with a 2 weeks advance ticket purchase.  1 day travel only, meeting at the airport.

Plane Ticket – $235
Airline Puppy Fee – $125
Supply Fee – $100
Nanny Fee – $250
Total Cost $710

Please allow 1 hour at the airport to make the transfer.

We can also meet you at the airport in Dallas.  We are doing more and more of this simply because the buyer can purchase their own ticket, many use reward miles, etc, and they become their own nanny.  We do charge the “Supply Fee” and any cost associated in getting any required “health certificate”.

CSB can deliver your puppy to your doorstep. Currently, CSB charges a flat $3.50 per loaded mile, plus any necessary charges such as, but not limited to, overnight accommodation and require a health certificate.  We use Google Maps and will use the shortest available route unless circumstances necessitate a change.

All shipping charges will be paid in advance.