Our Breeding Frenchie Males

Our mission is fairly straightforward - to have exceptional puppies. In order to accomplish this, we start with healthy, well kept and happy adults. We are very selective when choosing our breeding dogs in order to produce a puppy with the traits that we desire.

The Studs at Crooked Star Bulldogge have been chosen for our breeding program and match with our females to provide the most consistent and desirable qualities of the OEB.  We are very particular about the male stud keep and/or use.  Each male MUST meet our exacting standards.

At this time, CSB only has two up and coming males stud, therefore we will be using outside stud for most of 2021.

Breeding Male Dogs

Whisky of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Whisky is a chocolate frenchie is soon to have his first litter of puppies. This little guy is a compact, low-to-the-ground, short-back, chocolate with tan points french bulldog with “come hug me” beautiful eyes. He’s a playful, energetic dog who…   Continue

Anarchy’s Leprechaun

Anarchy Leprechaun, also known as Hot Rod, is a lilac fawn bulldog with a unique personality and confirmation, making him a standout stud dog. He’s always brimming with energy and can often be found carrying around toys or chew-bones in…   Continue

Non Breeding Male Dogs (young)

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