Pick of the Litter and Our Policy

Crooked Star Bulldogges – Your Guide to Understanding “Pick of the Litter”

If you’re a dog lover and considering adding a new member to your family, you may have come across the term “pick of the litter.” It’s a common phrase used in the dog breeding industry and can be confusing if you’re not familiar with its meaning. At Crooked Star Bulldogges, we want to make sure you have all the information you need before making a decision.

What is “Pick of the Litter”?

The term “pick of the litter” can refer to two different things. First, it can refer to a contractual and legal right a buyer has to choose the first puppy they want from a litter. Breeders often offer this right in return for the stud, called a “puppy back deal.  Although we do not do puppy back deals, we use the concept and extend this right of choice down to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick, and so on, depending on the demand for a particular litter.  The picks are usually determined on a first-pay basis unless otherwise stated.  For example, the first deposit will have the 1st pick, second deposit will have the second pick and so on.

Secondly, “pick of the litter” may also refer to a particular puppy, such as the best of the litter or the runt. At Crooked Star Bulldogges, we use the term “Breeder’s Choice” to refer to our pick or what we feel is the best of the litter. This helps to keep confusion to a minimum.

A person may have the “Pick of the Litter” or a puppy may be the “Pick of the Litter”. The dog referred to in both of these cases may or may not be the same dog.

What is 1st Pick?

So, what does 1st pick “really mean”?  In short, it means the person holding 1st pick will get the first “available” public pick.  What does “available public pick” mean?  For example, if we, as the breeder, want to retain a puppy for our program, the 1st pick will be AFTER the “Breeder’s Choice.”  From time to time, we may owe a puppy to another customer for a variety of reasons; therefore, the 1st pick may be after the obligation is met.  We will always stipulate those terms before accepting any deposit for a pick.

How Does it Work?

Our policy on “Picks of the Litter” is fairly straightforward.

  1. A deposit fee is required to hold your pick.  Refer to our payment page for information regarding deposits and final payments. ALL DEPOSIT FEES ARE FINAL.
  2. As part of our deposit invoicing process, the terms of the pick will be outlined clearly within the invoice.  If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. By making payment of the invoice, you are agreeing to the terms.
  3. We can not guarantee the availability of sex or color of any pick.  For example, if you are looking for a male and at pick 4 there are no males. You will either have to take a female or wait for another litter*. No refund will be issued unless other arrangements are made during the invoicing period.
  4. We can not guarantee the pricing until the puppy is actually selected.  Unless otherwise stated, we use the pricing guideline posted on our website.
  5. If puppies are available at the time of buyer’s pick and the buyer does not like the color, sex, etc of those available, you can wait for another litter*, but no refund will be issued.
  6. When are picks made?  This depends on how the puppies are maturing. Typically by week 4 the puppies are up and moving around, eating well, and they begin to look like puppies and not furry wiggle worms on a blanket.
  7. We will notify everyone went the “picks” are scheduled.  We can conduct the process in person, via Facetime, Zoom, Teams, video, etc.  If, after several attempts to schedule your selection, you are unavailable or “no show”, Crooked Star Bulldogges has the right to skip you and move on to the next pick.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed to, puppies will be made available for pick-up on or near week 6 – 8.  It depends upon vaccinations, CSB will not allow a puppy to leave prior to 5 days after their 1st round of puppy shots.* UNLESS AGREED TO IN WRITING, DEPOSIT FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.