Our Breeding Females

Our mission is fairly straightforward - to have exceptional puppies. In order to accomplish this, we start with healthy, well kept and happy adults. We are very selective when choosing our breeding dogs in order to be product a puppy with the traits that we desire. 

Breeding Dogs

Crooked Star Bulldogges Bella

A second-generation Crooked Star Bulldogge offspring from Crooked Star Bulldogges Bee Bee and Anarchy’s Chrome, this girl is our most “bully” Oldie. If you have heard the expression, “bull in a china cabinet, this describes this girl to a “T”. …   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges Diamond

Despite her small size, Crooked Star Bulldogges Diamond stands out in our breeding program. At 60-65 lbs, she has a playful temperament and impressive athleticism, making her puppies a perfect match for families looking for an active companion. Diamond has…   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges Fancy

Fancy (aka Fancy Pants)- 1 word – WOW.  Look what this girl has turned out to be.  Fancy is a CSB production from Anarchy Rayna Jane x Crooked Star Bulldogges Bently. Tipping the scales at 90lbs, she is one big…   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges Beetle (Bee Bee)

Ms. Bee Bee is by far one of our favorites in the yard and an offspring of the matriarch of the kennel – Ladybird. This beauty is a Crooked Star Bulldogges second-generation progeny from two of our original foundation dogs. …   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges Shelby

Crooked Star Bulldogge Shelby is a stunning example of the Olde English Bulldogge breed. With her beautiful chocolate tri coat, unique color tone texture, and muscular build, she embodies the breed standard in every way. She was born in 2018…   Continue

Non-Breeding Females (young)

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Retired Females

Crooked Star Bulldogges Teddy

When it comes to breeding French Bulldogs males, there’s no denying that Teddy is a standout. This stunning chocolate and tan covered in cream little guy is really something special and has been a powerhouse. Standing just over 12 inches…   Continue

Pistol of Crooked Star Bulldogges

If there was ever a name fitting a dog, this is it.  Pistol is just that…a Pistol.  This little fawn female was a great find.  Pistol is by far the most feminine female we have in the pack and has…   Continue

Sapi of Anarchy Bulldogs

Sapi is a very interesting female.  This blue brindle import from Ukraine is about a low to the ground as you can be.  Built like a brick, this girl brings “length of body” as well and width to the table. …   Continue

CSB Carter (Retired)

Cater is a 2018 product of Anarchy Rayna X CSB Beau.  This girl really sets the breed standard. She is small, compact, strong bone, thick, long and deep, everything you would ever want out of a breed female in any…   Continue

CSB Skye Blue

This beautiful blue and white female is out of Lynch Loyal Companion Onyx Blaze and Anarchy’s Kennel’s Purple Reign daughter. As you can see from the picture, Skye presents an interesting part of the EOB genetics presenting more of the…   Continue


Bailey has been a great addition to our pack and a real big surprise.  She’s a very small and refined female with tons and tons of character.  Standing at less than 15in and weighing under 50lbs, she is the perfect…   Continue

Lady Bird

This girl is all dog!  Standing at 17 inches tall and 82lbs, she has “tons” of body and is surprisingly very athletic.  Even as a chunk, Lady can easily clear a 4ft fence! This low to ground, wide female easily…   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges Harley

Harley is a chestnut chocolate female from our July 2017 litter of Bruno X Lacy.  We can’t say enough about her. Although she is not “officially” retired, she is not part of our regular breeding program.  Harley exemplifies the best…   Continue

Willow Bee (Retired)

Willow has been retired…. Willow Bee is an amazing dog with a rock star pedigree from Anarchy Kennels. She is one of our three Purple Reign offspring, therefore she carries everything.  Her dark smoke gray coat and green eyes gives…   Continue

Lacy Blue

Lacy was the one that started it all and remains a family favorite! Standing just under 15 inches tall and weighing about 50lbs, she embodies everything Old English Bulldogge. You simply can’t pick this girl apart. Although she is small…   Continue