Willow Bee (Retired)

Willow has been retired….

Willow Bee is an amazing dog with a rock star pedigree from Anarchy Kennels. She is one of our three Purple Reign offspring, therefore she carries everything.  Her dark smoke gray coat and green eyes gives her a “ONE OF KIND”  look and with Purple Reign and Lady Bird as her parents, this girl is going to have some BODY! Standing at 18inch tall and more than 70lbs, she is built like a tank!

One of Willow’s best characteristics is her amazingly calm temperament and laid back attitude.  Nothing phases this girl!. She is extremely athletic and loves to play, although a bit rough at times. Because she has a little longer snouts, Willow is certainly a free breather with the capacity to do anything she wants.

She has just cycled for the first time, so we will not breed her until late 2018, this is one to “marked down”.


About Me:

  • Registered Name:
    Willow Bee Keasler
  • Registration:
    IOEBA F2/ Blue Ribbon
  • Sex:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Color:
    Lilac and White
  • Dam:
    Anrachy's Ladybird
  • Sire:
    Anrachy's Purple Reign