Puppy Deposit Agreement

Terms of the Pet Deposit Agreement:

This Puppy Deposit Fee Agreement is a part of every deposit paid to Crooked Star Bulldogges.  By paying the deposit, the buyer is agreeing to the terms outlined within this agreement.

  1. The deposit fee paid will NOT be refunded for any reason except in the event the puppy dies while in the care of Crooked Star Bulldogges or their agent.  Should the seller change their mind and no longer want the puppy, the deposit, and all other monies will be forfeited and may not be carried forward to another litter without written agreement from Crooked Star Bulldogges.  
  2. In the event, that the deposit is for a “pick of the litter” that is not available. For example, the deposit is for “pick #5”; however, we only have 4 puppies to deliver.  CSB will give credit towards future litter.  No refund will be given. 

    This does not apply should the buyer simply not want the puppy available at their pick.

    EXCEPTION:  If no previous advance arrangements were made and the Buyer simply does not want the available puppy at their pick, no refund and credit to future litters will be given. 
  3. Buyer agrees to communicate with the seller on any issues involving the puppy’s purchase. Chris and I understand life’s challenges may prevent the buyer from being able to complete the transaction.  In most cases, we will attempt to work something out, however,
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer has until the puppy is 10 weeks of age to complete the transaction.  If the final payment is not made and NO other written agreement has been entered, a $100 per week charge will be added to the balance due.  Should the buyer not complete the transaction by week 12, the puppy will be put back on the market and NO refund will be issued. The buyer is responsible for the original sales price; therefore, if the puppy has to be sold at a discount due to failure to pay, the buyer agrees to reimburse Crooked Star, LLC for 110% of the shortfall, accrued board fees, and any legal fees associated with such collections. 

  5. Click here for additional information regarding the final payment