The Building Blocks of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Working with a responsible breeder can lead to a lifetime of happiness with your furry friend, while cutting corners or getting tricked by unethical sources may result in years of complications.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the biggest and most life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. You’re signing up for both unconditional love and a whole lot of responsibility; the most crucial choice you’ll face is where to get your new puppy.

A responsible breeder gives you the best chance for adding a happy, healthy member to your family because they, too, care for their dogs like family. Their goals are to bring healthy, well-adjusted dogs into the world and to make sure they go to warm and caring homes. For Crooked Star Buldogges, t this starts before the actual breeding. The foundation of a good breeding program is to make sure the parent dogs are strong, healthy, and have the characteristics that should be passed along to the next generation of puppies.  If the truth was known for a responsible breeder, like Crooked Star Bulldogges, a significant portion of the puppy’s rehoming fees are to maintain the health and well-being of the pack, and not the puppy.

So what does this look like at Crooked Star Bulldogges.  Here are the key areas we focus our attention on:


Your number one job as a dog parent is keeping your furry friend healthy, but no matter how much love and care you pour into caring for your pup, how it is bred and treated in the earliest days will play a huge role in determining its future health.

At CSB we are careful to pay close attention to the health of our parent dogs, testing them for hereditary diseases, hip evaluation, and doing our best to ensure that our puppies have the best chance of being born in good health.  Chris attends to all the needs of the puppies in their litters, making sure that they live in comfort and receive all their important vaccinations and other early-life care. Although we are not veterinarians or veterinary technicians, we are so close with our vets, we have them on speed dial and their entire staff knows our pack by name.

Chris and I take great pride in nurturing our young pups in those crucial early days, and it can make a lifetime of difference.


Chris and I will never be the cheapest breeders on any given puppy, simply because we know what it cost to deliver our customers a quality, healthy puppy.  Whether you choose Crooked Star Bulldogges or not, we strongly believe that working with a responsible breeder is not only the ethical and right thing to do, it’s also the financially smart thing to do, as well.

The whole reason why puppy mills or “backyard” breeders can charge lower prices is that they often cut corners and ignore the health of their dogs.  Bringing home a sick puppy (or one prone to sickness) will likely end up costing multiples of the original sales price in veterinarian bills alone.  In short, do not allow a couple of hundred dollars on the front end to be your deciding favor, you may live to regret it later.

Working with Chris and I simply means that you and your family will know upfront that your puppy, and its parents, have been screened for hereditary illnesses and overall health problems.  All of our breeding dogs are routinely examined by our vet and every breeding dog has had their hip evaluated for early signs of hip dysplasia or other hip issues. We stand behind every puppy we sell.

I can’t emphasize enough how many resources, whether it’s time, energy, or money, goes into taking care of your future puppy’s food, socialization, and early enrichment needs for eight-plus weeks.   All of these factors contribute to the overall “cost” of a dog.  Simply put, this separates a responsible and reputable breeder from backyard breeds and puppy mills.