Ensuring Pet Safety During New Year’s Celebrations

Fireworks, loud cheers, blaring music, and clinking champagne glasses may be exciting for us, but for many pets, these festivities can be overwhelming and potentially risky.  Here at Crooked Star Bulldogges, we have put together some simple yet crucial tips to keep in mind, to make sure your pets have a safe and stress-free New Year.

Tip 1: Create a Quiet Sanctuary

Designate a quiet and safe space for your pets, away from the hustle and bustle of guests and the startling sounds of fireworks. Whether it’s their cozy bed tucked in a closet or a secure crate, ensure this space is off-limits to visitors and free from personal items like coats and purses.

Tip 2: Provide Comfort with Toys

Make the experience enjoyable for your pets by placing their favorite toys in their safe haven. These familiar items will not only offer comfort but also serve as distractions from the loud noises and bright lights associated with celebrations.

Tip 3: Prioritize Exercise

Before the festivities kick off, dedicate some time during daylight hours to exercise your pets. This will help them relax and rest more easily amid the commotion. Keep them safely indoors once the fireworks begin.

Tip 4: Set the Mood with Music

As dusk falls, secure your home by closing and locking windows and doors, and draw blinds or curtains. To help drown out the noise, turn on the television or play soothing music. This will create a more peaceful environment for your pets.

Tip 5: Stay Fear-Free

Pets can exhibit signs of fear during unexpected commotion. Unless their safety is compromised, resist the urge to punish them. Instead, offer reassurance and comfort to help alleviate their anxiety.

Tip 6: Update Contact Information

Ensure your pet’s microchip enrollment is up to date, providing an added layer of protection in case they manage to escape. Chris and I use the AKC Reunite system and I know from personal experience, it works!

By following these pet safety tips, you can ensure that the New Year’s festivities are enjoyable for both you and your furry friends. Feel free to share these valuable insights on Facebook to help fellow pet owners create a stress-free environment for their pets during this celebratory season.