Why Families Choose Crooked Star Bulldogges for Their Family Pet

Crooked Star Bulldogges, managed by Bernie and Christina Keasler, excel in breeding exceptional Olde English and French Bulldogs that bring health, happiness, and harmony to family environments. Each puppy adoption offers a FIVE-STAR EXPERIENCE supported by our consistently high ratings from customers across the nation. Chris and I understand the significance of adding a new member to your family, and we are committed to providing a transparent, supportive, and fulfilling experience from the initial contact to the ongoing relationship with our puppy families.

Superior Genetics and Health

Our dog breeding program leverages techniques we honed from decades of raising championship cattle, ensuring superior genetics that meet or exceed the breed standards. Benefiting from more than 20 years of breeding experience, Chris and I have developed a proven program covering every step of the process, from the moment the female comes into heat, to the time your puppy is delivered. This full-circle approach ensures that each stage of development is monitored and optimized for the health and well-being of both, the mother and her puppies, guaranteeing that your new family member arrives healthy, socialized, and ready to join your home. This foundation guarantees a healthy start and reflects our commitment to quality.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

High customer retention and referral rates, with 70% of our sales from repeat clients or referrals, are the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction. Testimonials from customers like Cindy Lambert, who said, “If you are in the market for a French Bulldog or an Old English, look no further than this place,” highlight the quality and service that Chris and I at Crooked Star Bulldogges strive to achieve.

Comprehensive Support

We offer continuous support from the initial inquiry through post-adoption, ensuring every family is well-prepared and continuously supported. This full-circle care aligns with our dedication to long-term satisfaction and the well-being of our puppies and their families.  See our 5-Star Guarantee.

Transparent Financial Transactions

At Crooked Star Bulldogges, transparency is paramount in every financial interaction. From the initial deposit to the final payment, all transactions are openly documented and protected, providing families with confidence and security in their investments. Given that the dog world can often be a “buyer beware” market, where scam artists create a multi-billion dollar per year business, Chris and I have implemented specific systems designed to protect the buyer. These measures ensure transparency, security, and trust, safeguarding our clients against the common pitfalls encountered when purchasing a new puppy.

Guaranteed Health and Community Connection

Our community spirit at Crooked Star Bulldogges is clearly reflected in the Google Reviews from clients like Jeffery Webb and Olivia Pich. Webb’s comments, “Absolutely ecstatic! Bernie and Chris are wonderful people with a true love for their animals,” along with Pich’s validation of our health standards, “My puppy is healthy, and the vet even said his breathing/snout looked great for a Frenchie!” highlight our commitment. Each puppy is backed by a 12-month health guarantee covering genetic conditions, ensuring a seamless transition and a healthy start for your new family member.

Opting for a Crooked Star Bulldogges puppy means choosing a quality, healthy and loving family pet backed by a comprehensive 5-STAR guarantee. Our dedication across key areas—genetics, customer satisfaction, support, transparency, and health guarantees—ensures the best possible experience for every family.

Join Crooked Star Bulldogges Nation today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a 5 Star rated breeder.

For additional information regarding Crooked Star Bulldogges, a puppy, or any of the many services we offer, please check out our website or call Bernie Keasler at 214.796.0877