Puppy-Proofing Your House

Expert Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home from Crooked Star Bulldogges

At Crooked Star Bulldogges, we understand the importance of keeping puppies safe in their new homes. One of the biggest mistakes new puppy owners make is allowing their furry friends into a world they’re not ready for. When you pick up your puppy from us, we intentionally keep their universe small. We understand that puppies are curious and adventurous by nature, but keeping their world small reduces the risk of injury and increases success with potty training and chewing.

Our Top Recommendations for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

We strongly believe in crate training at Crooked Star Bulldogges. We strongly believe that crate training and a leash will solve 99% of all puppy problems.  Crating solves many issues for small puppies and provides them with a safe space. Regardless of where your puppy’s universe expands to, it’s essential to conduct a thorough, room-by-room inspection of your home, removing any potential hazards as you go. We recommend getting on your hands and knees to see your home from your puppy’s perspective!

Common Areas

Common areas such as family rooms and dens can contain a range of items that pose potential hazards to puppies. For example, stairs and balconies can be a particular concern for young and eager puppies. To keep your pet from falling, we suggest using an appropriately sized dog gate, doggy door, or indoor pen. Additionally, wrap exposed wires or cords with cord covers and keep restricted-access items like litter boxes in a closed-off room.


Your kitchen can be home to a variety of dangers, so it’s crucial to be extra vigilant when puppy-proofing this room. Dangerous foods such as chocolate, onions, and grapes, vitamins, supplements, and medications, cleaning supplies, sharp knives, and other kitchen utensils, as well as breakable items such as plates and baking dishes, should be kept in high, out-of-reach cupboards or behind cabinets with childproof locks. Trash should be contained behind a closed pantry door, in a childproof trash can, or stowed in the garage where your puppy can’t access it.


The bathroom can be a surprisingly hazardous area for puppies. We recommend stowing medications, dietary supplements, etc., in a hard-to-access medicine cabinet or drawer with a childproof lock. Store cleaning supplies in an inaccessible, locked cabinet, keep trash behind a locked cabinet or in a childproof trash can and ensure your puppy avoids drinking from the toilet and ingesting chemicals by putting a child-safe lock over the lid.


Some pet parents use their bedroom as a safe haven for their new pet. Keep your puppy from getting into trouble by putting all small or sharp objects like jewelry in places they can’t reach or in containers they won’t be able to get into. Additionally, wrap exposed cords or wires in cord covers to prevent puppies from biting or playing with them.

Outdoor Areas

Playing outdoors with your puppy is one of the greatest joys of puppy parenthood, but it’s important to puppy-proof your yard. Picking the appropriate pet door that can safely allow your puppy access to a limited outdoor area when necessary is essential. Ensure your yard is free of hazardous plants, shrubbery, and toxic pesticides, and keep outdoor play areas and dog houses in a pesticide-free spot that is shaded on warm days and has access to sun on cold days. Provide a safe, properly fenced-in area for puppy playtime, and watch for digging or signs of damage to your fence so you can correct the behavior and fix any items for your pet’s safety.

For more information on keeping your puppy safe and healthy, be sure to check out our website. We offer a wealth of resources and tips on puppy training, nutrition, and healthcare. Additionally, we are always here to answer any questions you may have about your new furry family member. Contact us today to learn more!