Willow Jean X Bruno Litter Arrives!

This litter is one of those rare opportunities where health, excellent confirmation, championship genetics, color genetics and a perfect disposition combined into 1 outcome!

Born 07/24/2017, this group (10 puppies) will be ready for their new homes in early September.   This will be the 3rd generation of this line in our kennels and we can’t be happier with the outcome!

Willow whelped 10 puppies (6 females and 4 males). All “present” some form of chocolate or chocolate tri.  By virtue of Willow being a lilac and Bruno being a Chocolate tri, all of these puppies will be triple carriers PLUS tri. Like all CSB puppies, each one will delivered to their new owners with a pre-delivery vet check, UTD on all of their age appropriate vaccinations and worming and our CSB Promise.

We own both parents and they are on property for your inspection.  Both dogs have been HIP checked and I have copies of their x-rays.  We also have the Grand Dam, Ladybird AND 2 of Ladybird X Bruno puppies from her Feb 2018 litter.

Willow – This girl is all dog!  Standing at 17 inches tall and 90+lbs, she has “tons” of body  (and its all muscle) and is amazing athletic.  Like her mother Ladybird, Willow is a low to ground very wide female that easily meets or exceeds every category in the OEB breed standards. Willow sports a little longer snout than most; however, this giving her plenty of breathing capacity.  With the  combination of strong structure and confirmation, along with her dark lilac color and beautiful (crazy) mesmerizing green eyes, these puppies will be very desirable as pet or a cornerstone of someone breeding program.

Bruno – What can I say about Bruno other that WOW! This Chocolate/White Tri. is a near perfect combination of “bully” and “athleticism”. This guy has produced litters of drop dead gorgeous puppies. Standing at about 19 inches tall and 72lbs, nothing is “overdone”, nothing is extreme and everything is proportionate.  As good looking as he is, it’s his personality that set Bruno apart.  He is playful, but not to rough, he is lovable, but not overbearing and he is as “stable” as any dog I have ever seen, nothing bothers this guy!

If you are interested or need additional information, please give me a call or text message at 214.796.0877 or email me at bkeasler@crookedstarbulldogges.com.