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This is posts page. All of your news or blog posts should be listed on this very page, regardless the category they belong to. Posts page can have its own header image, owh crap, whatta nice, handy feature. WordPress is awesome.

In order to make Posts page “active”, select Settings > Reading from admin dashboard then be sure to tick select A static page radio button option. Use drop-down to navigate to this page.

No Available Puppies

Thank you for getting in touch with us! Currently, we do not have any available puppies, but we regularly have upcoming litters or breeding plans in progress. Feel free to contact us at 214.796.0877 or via email at to…   Continue

Understanding Umbilical Hernias in Dogs

Umbilical hernias are usually painless and typically do not cause any long-term issues as the puppy grows into an adult. Most umbilical hernias pose no health threats. While the exact incidence and causes are unknown, if certain “family” lines have…   Continue