Crooked Star Bulldogges Sunny


If you’re looking for a top-quality French Bulldog male, look no further than Sunny. This second-generation Crooked Star Bulldogge is a blue merle Frenchie with an impressive head and muscular body.  Granted, he does have some size, but what he brings to the table is very impressive.

But Sunny’s physical features are just the beginning of his appeal. He also has a playful, sometimes a bit shy at first, affectionate personality that makes him a hit with everyone he meets. He loves to play in the yard and will lay in his bed and chew on a bone for hours on end.

As a second-generation Crooked Star Bulldogge Frenchie, we own his mother, Iris of Crooked Star Bulldogges, and his sire was a beautiful Hungarian import from Anarchy Bulldogs. He has sired several litters that have performed well, with his offspring having many of his desirable traits.

As the title states, this guy is retired and looking for a retirement home! If you think may “fill the bill”, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bernie Keasler at 214.796.0877.

Crooked Star Bulldogges Crystal

Crooked Star Bulldogges Crystal is one of our female Olde English Bulldogges with a unique personality and background. She is a littermate of Crooked Star Bulldogges Diamond, both of whom are offsprings of Crooked Star Bulldogges Harley and Ananchy’s Glock.

Crystal is a slightly taller and more athletic Oldie than most, weighing about 75 lbs. She has clean nares and is a “free breather,” contributing to her athleticism. Although she is an active dog who enjoys playing and exercising, she is equally satisfied just sitting next to you and “hanging out”.

As pretty as she is,  Crystal is better known around our kennels for her sweet temperament and piercing “come pet me” stares. Crystal is 100% devoted to her humans (Chris and I) and doesn’t quite understand the concept of personal space, often thinking she’s a lap dog. Her gentle and affectionate nature has passed to her puppies, who were rehomed on both coasts, from California to Maryland.

Anarchy Reyna Jane of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Reyna is our “free spirit”.  She’s a beautiful campaign lilac merle from Anarchy’s Kennel and another Purple Reign daughter. Because of Reign, she has the foundation to produce some incredible offspring.

Reyna is very athletic and will run for days.  Good for us, we have plenty of room!

Reyna is certainly an asset to our breeding program and we look forward to the offspring she produces for our program.

Reyna whelped her first litter on 09/04/2018