CSB Adds 2 Adult Females to Our Mix

CSB added 2 more breeding age females to our mix.  What luck, they both came into heat with days of arriving on property!  Although very different in their appearance and pedigree, we truly believe both dogs will bring new and exciting components into our program.  Nice thing…we will not have to wait long, both are due in February 2018.

Lady Bird – This girl is all dog!  Standing at 17 inches tall and 82lbs, she has “tons” of body  (and its all muscle) and is amazing athletic.  She has quick garnished the nickname “Chucky Monkey”.  Even as a chunk, Lady can easily clear a 4ft fence! This low to ground wide female easily meets or exceeds every category in the OEB breed standards.  With the  combination of strong structure and confirmation, along with her champagne lilac color and beautiful mesmerizing eyes, Lady’s litters are some of the most desirable puppies produced.

Chyna – Chyna is gorgeous dark lilac female.  She too…is all dog.  Her dark color and mysterious eye gives her an incredible look. She is a combination of performance, superior strength athletic ability and flawless conformation.   With her first litter due in February we can wait to see this girl will produce.