Puppy/Dog Contract Example2

This agreement documents the transfer of ownership of _________________________________(puppy/dog) from Bernie and Chris Keasler, Crooked Star Bulldogges (seller) to _______________________________________ (buyer), located at ______________________________________________________________.  This agreement shall remain in effect for the life of the dog.

This agreement shall remain in effect for the life of the dog.

  1. General Health Statement:  Each puppy was examined by our local D.V.M. (Alvarado Veterinarian Clinic) and will come with a health clearance stating known issues, if any. Puppies are wormed and vaccinated at 5 weeks, then vaccinated at 7-8 weeks and 9-10 weeks, if the puppy is still on site.  Buyer is responsible for all vaccinations due after purchase.  Vaccine records of current shots will come with the puppy along with food and puppy package.  We allow each new owner 48 hours from time of delivery to take the puppy to any vet of their choice to receive a second opinion on the general health of each puppy. In the event of any preexisting health issues is noted during the initial D.V.M examination, CSB agrees to either refund your money (minus any applicable shipping cost) or provide a another puppy of equal value (if one is available).

    If you need to return a puppy for any other reason, it is CSB's decision whether to make a different pup available or to provide a refund. If we decide to refund, it will be made within 30 days, as long as the puppy has been well-cared for.

  2. Genetic Disease Guarantee: CSB guarantees the puppy to be free from any genetic/hereditary defects that can cause death or serious impairment of vital functions in the puppy 1 year from the puppy’s date of birth.  In the event your puppy develops an inheritable/genetic disease before his/her first birthday that is life threatening or causes serious impairment of vital functions, the buyer is entitled to a replacement puppy of equal value when one comes available. If buyer desires a puppy with a higher purchase price, then purchase price will be applied and buyer can pay the difference.
    For this guarantee to be valid, CSB requires documentation from a licensed Veterinarian in writing clearly listing the problem. We reserve the right to a second veterinarian opinion and at the cost of the seller.  If the puppy has an issue CSB will replace your puppy with one of equal value when one comes available.  If buyer desires a puppy with a higher purchase price, then purchase price will be applied and buyer can pay the difference.

    If be buyer returns the puppy, the buyer agrees to relinquish the puppy and all medical records, including current medications, lab and/or x-ray results and results of any other examinations.

    The guarantee if voided for any of the following:

    1. Puppy is NOT heath certified by BUYER'S D.V.M within 48 hours of this signed agreement as outlined in General Health Guarantee:
    2. Puppy/Dog is neglected, abused or injured while in the care of the BUYER.
    3. Known health issues of the EOB are not considered life-threatening; therefore excluded from this guarantee. Those issues include hip Hip/Elbow Dysplasia, Cherry Eye, Entropion,  Brachycephalic Syndrome (pinched nares/elongated soft palate).  Allergies are not considered lift-threatening.
  3. Guarantee is VOID if puppy/dog has not received proper care in what a normal person would consider humane.  Furthermore, if CSB is made aware that the BUYER has abused one of our puppies/dogs, CSB has the right to take possession of the puppy/dog and NO REFUND will be given.  In addition, the buyer will assume all legal and third party fees associated with the repossession.
    1. CBS is not responsible for:
      1. The dog's ability to breed or the quality or size of the litters.
      2. The size of the puppy, eye color, or coat color as the puppy grows into an adult.
    2. Some pups may leave the premises with minor Protozoal infections, such as Giardia/Coccidia. These are NOT major, and can easily be taken care of with very cheap meds. These are NOT from bad breeding, simply some of the factors that come with breeding. Small traces of worms may still be in some puppies, even after one de-worming, so do a second check when you go into your initial health exams.
    3. CSB is not responsible for puppies/dogs infected with Canine Parvo Virus. Parvo is extremely deadly and un-fortunately very abundant. We release pups with updated vaccines, but pups released before 9 weeks old still need 2 more sets at 9 and 12 weeks old.  As the new owner it is your responsibility to make sure your new puppy is not infected by exposure to Parvo or any other common disease due to lack of immunization. Until fully immunized, the new owners, puppy and any previous pets should not go to pet stores, dog parks, shared front yards or any other place in which another dog could have been since it is passed through fecal and/or saliva. We also recommend water bowls stay inside to prevent contamination from mice or birds who will have a potential to drink from it. In a case of parvo please notify us immediately for assistance. DO NOT bring your puppy back here because of the high risk of contaminating our property.
    4. The CSB assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality, landlord's disapproval, or any other undesirable circumstances once the puppy/dog has left the seller's premises
  4. Shipping: CSB will assume no shipping costs associated with sale or replacement guarantee.  CSB will not ship any animal without an escort. All animals are the responsibility of the owner once they leave the property of CSB.  Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Crooked Star Bulldogges, Crooked Star Ranch, Bernie and Chris Keasler or designated agent for any unforeseen and or undesirable circumstance that may arise during the shipping process.
  5. Deposits and Final Payment:  A negotiated deposit is required to hold any puppy for any reason.
    1. Once the deposit is made, the puppy will be removed from the market until such time the final payment is made.  See FINAL PAYMENT for further information.  Deposit can be made in cash, money orders, cashier's check or credit (at 3.5% fee).
    2. Final payment is due 10 days before the puppy is shipped or the day they are picked up.  No personal checks accepted unless previously discussed. Deposits are non-refundable unless set forth in this agreement.

      ______IF APPLICABLE, ALL FINAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BEFORE THE PUPPY IS 8 WEEKS OLD.  An additional fee of $100 per week, including any additional DVM bills will be added to the purchase price and must be paid before the puppy is released.  IF FINAL PAYMENT IS NOT MADE BY THE END OF WEEK 10, THE PUPPY WILL RETURN TO THE MARKET AND NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUES.
    3. Final payments made through PayPal are NON-REFUNDABLE, no exceptions. Buyer agrees to work with the breeder to come to a resolution; if an agreement cannot be made then buyer must abide by part 10 of the contract.
  6. Registration:  Registry papers will either be supplied at time of purchase, or in some cases will be mailed within 45 days of purchase. CSB will mail the papers within 72 hours of receiving them from the registrar.  Please be understanding and patient as we have many litters and our association can take as long as 2-3 weeks to get papers to us.
    1. Buyer MUST keep original Bloodline/Kennel name "Crooked Star Bulldogges" pre-ceding the given name. Ex. "Crooked Star Bulldogge Charlie " you may change Charlie , but not "Crooked Star Bulldogge" bloodline/kennel name. Cost of bloodline change is $5,000. If bloodline is changed without written consent of original breeder then legal action may be taken by the original breeder for purchase amount of bloodline change.
  7. Breeding Rights: This dog is being sold as a Pet_________ /Breeding dog ________. (CSB and SELLER initial intended purpose of dog.)

    Pets must be spayed/neutered by the age of 10 months and may not be used for ANY breeding purpose.  If “Pet” is bred, BUYER agrees to pay a $5,000 penalty and relinquish the dog along with any remaining puppies. CSB is not liable for any refund associated with the dog or refund for ANY expenses accrued in securing the dog. Although the registration papers will be marked as "limited registration" and submitted as such, the BUYER agrees that transfer of ownership is not complete until aforementioned dog is fixed, which means CSB remains the owner while the animal is un-altered.  We recommend spaying/neutering all pets unless they are show quality or retained for responsible breeding purposes.  Pets should be spay to help reduce over-population from accidental mating.  Many veterinarians believe spaying and neutering your pet will help the pet’s long-term health and risk of disease.

    1. CSB retains Stud rights to all males not sold as "PET" as initialed above. BUYER agrees not to neuter without our evaluation first.  We will ALWAYS make sure the dog is a pet first and the dog is able to stay intact in the current situation.  Dogs that are dominant or constantly marking can be neutered after we are notified
  8. OTHER:
    1. Buyer agrees to avoid civil action if any disagreement arises and will try to reach an amicable solution. If this is not possible, BUYER agrees to binding arbitration from a 3rd party arbitrator designated by the SELLER.  Unless the arbitrator makes a different decision, BUYER is solely responsible for any expenses associated with this or any other process, including civil proceedings.
    2. CSB is NOT a veterinarian. We only give information based on knowledge from our breed and our breeding experience. Our opinions should not be substituted for a qualified physician. Please, if you ever have doubt, call a licensed vet.
    3. BUYER agrees to ALL stipulations.

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Seller and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations or warranties, express or implied, unless specifically stated in this Agreement.

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