Entropion is fairly common in dogs and is seen in a wide variety of breeds, including short-nosed breeds, giant breeds, and sporting breeds. Entropion is almost always diagnosed around the time a puppy reaches its first birthday. In short, it…   Continue

When one brings in a new puppy into a home with an adult dog the new owners often find themselves wondering how to handle the every day reactions between the dogs as the pack adjusts to the new member.  In…   Continue

Short answer – ABSOLUTELY First of all, ALL breeds or mixture of dog breeds can develop dysplasia; more commonly we hear of larger breeds, such as Labs, St. Bernard, etc with CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia), simply because they weigh more;…   Continue

Dog hip dysplasia (CHD – Canine Hip Dysplasia) is a malformation of the hip joint – instead of a nice round ball fitting smoothly into a deep socket, the joint contains a shallow socket and irregularly shaped ball.  These malformations…   Continue

Yes. A well-bred bulldogge should be exceptionally good with children. They are very tolerant, almost angelic in their ability to put up with the antics of small kids, and especially suited for children with a lot of energy. The bulldogge’s…   Continue

Crooked Star Bulldogges has conflicted thoughts surrounding this topic.  On one hand we fully understand the overall  health of the dog depends on the hormones provided by the testicle or ovaries.  However, we also understand the need to spay/neuter to…   Continue

When raised with cats and small dogs, OEB’s will usually not be a threat to these small companion animals. However, puppies need to be taught from the very start not to be too rough with the cats or the little…   Continue

We do not ship puppies outside of the continental United States. It’s too hard on them.  We will only consider selling a puppy overseas if the buyer flies into Dallas and picks the puppy personally and is flown back within…   Continue

With so many dog food choices, it’s no wonder people don’t know what to feed their Bulldogge! To answer this question, let’s look at basic canine physiology. A dog is a carnivore, meaning that although a dog can eat and…   Continue

The short answer is YES they should be able to.  With that said, OEB only have 1 type of hair, not 2 or 3 like other breed; therefore, they are very susceptible to variation in temperature.  Generally speaking if you are…   Continue