CSB Carter (Retired)

Cater is a 2018 product of Anarchy Rayna X CSB Beau.  This girl really sets the breed standard. She is small, compact, strong bone, thick, long and deep, everything you would ever want out of a breed female in any breed.

This beautiful lilac female is another one of our productions.

CSB Skye Blue

This beautiful blue and white female is out of Lynch Loyal Companion Onyx Blaze and Anarchy’s Kennel’s Purple Reign daughter.

As you can see from the picture, Skye presents an interesting part of the EOB genetics presenting more of the working side of the breed. Tipping the scales at about 80+lbs, she is on the larger side and CRAZY muscled. This girl is built like a world class athlete. Coupled with her beautiful “blue and white” color, Skye is a head turner!

Don’t let the size and muscle scare you, this girl is a sweetheart. She can be a little weary of new people but will quickly warm up. She is well-behave, active and loves to play.

Skye is very healthy, free breather and free of any ongoing medical issues. She UTD on all vaccinations and registered OBBA.


Bailey has been a great addition to our pack and a real big surprise.  She’s a very small and refined female with tons and tons of character.  Standing at less than 15in and weighing under 50lbs, she is the perfect lap size OEB and has the personality to sit with you for hours!

Although she does not have a  flashy pedigree, Bailey is a great example of being able to produce something better than herself.  While she is red, Bailey is a triple carriers and has produced 2 beautiful rainbow litters.  She is now retired and will live her life as pet.


Lady Bird

This girl is all dog!  Standing at 17 inches tall and 82lbs, she has “tons” of body and is surprisingly very athletic.  Even as a chunk, Lady can easily clear a 4ft fence! This low to ground, wide female easily meets or exceeds every category in the OEB breed standards.  With the  combination of strong structure and confirmation, along with her champagne lilac color and beautiful mesmerizing eyes, Lady’s litters are some of the most desirable puppies produced.

Like most of our dogs, Lady has the perfect family temperament and a fantastic mother.  She is a free whelper with superior maternal instincts.  Even with 12 pups, she was able to care and nurse every pup with little or no intervention! Good maternal instincts are something we strive for and its proven with all of our females who birth naturally and take care of their own children without any help.

Mark your calendars for February 14, 2018, she has a litter due.


Willow Bee (Retired)

Willow has been retired….

Willow Bee is an amazing dog with a rock star pedigree from Anarchy Kennels. She is one of our three Purple Reign offspring, therefore she carries everything.  Her dark smoke gray coat and green eyes gives her a “ONE OF KIND”  look and with Purple Reign and Lady Bird as her parents, this girl is going to have some BODY! Standing at 18inch tall and more than 70lbs, she is built like a tank!

One of Willow’s best characteristics is her amazingly calm temperament and laid back attitude.  Nothing phases this girl!. She is extremely athletic and loves to play, although a bit rough at times. Because she has a little longer snouts, Willow is certainly a free breather with the capacity to do anything she wants.

She has just cycled for the first time, so we will not breed her until late 2018, this is one to “marked down”.


Lacy Blue

Lacy was the one that started it all and remains a family favorite! Standing just under 15 inches tall and weighing about 50lbs, she embodies everything Old English Bulldogge. You simply can’t pick this girl apart. Although she is small and compact, she’s very balanced and proportioned, great angulation on the rear leg, good width in between her front elbows, text book top line and, most importantly a free breather and free whelper.