Crooked Star Bulldogges Teddy

Stud Servies Offered

When it comes to breeding French Bulldogs males, there’s no denying that Teddy is a standout. This stunning chocolate and tan covered in cream little guy is really something special and has been a powerhouse.

Standing just over 12 inches at the withers, Teddy is perfectly proportioned throughout his body. He has great length of body, is very muscular and masculine, stand erect and straight on his feet and his head is large and square with a great eye set. Because his genotype is chocolate his eyelids and nose si liver-colored giving him a unique and beautiful look that simply turns heads!

If you’re considering purchasing a French Bulldog puppy or using a stud, Teddy should be at the top of your list. His exceptional qualities make him the perfect choice for anyone looking for a dog that is not only beautiful but also sweet, athletic, and loving.

Whisky of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Stud Servies Offered.

Whisky is a chocolate frenchie is soon to have his first litter of puppies. This little guy is a compact, low-to-the-ground, short-back, chocolate with tan points french bulldog with “come hug me” beautiful eyes. He’s a playful, energetic dog who loves to explore and follow trails, but he also has a soft and cuddly side when he sits in someone’s lap.

Mr. Whisky carries fluffy, dilute, testable and cream,(no brindle or pie) all of which are desirable.  It’s exciting to think about what unique combinations of genes Whisky will pass on to his offspring.

We are very interested to see his first litter with one of our favorite females, Gidget!

Anarchy’s Leprechaun

Stud Servies Offered.

Anarchy Leprechaun, also known as Hot Rod, is a lilac fawn bulldog with a unique personality and confirmation, making him a standout stud dog. He’s always brimming with energy and can often be found carrying around toys or chew-bones in his mouth.

But Hot Rod isn’t just a pretty face – he’s also a healthy and strong dog with no health concerns. His strong genetics, good health, and proper breeding make him an ideal choice for our breeding program.

Hot Rod’s confirmation is also a standout feature. His longer body and love of play make him a unique bulldog that stands out in a crowd. He has proven himself as a successful sire, producing multiple litters with beautiful and healthy puppies. In fact, he will soon have two more litters with our dogs.

At Crooked Star Bulldogges, our mission is to breed happy and healthy puppies, and Hot Rod fits that profile perfectly. If you’re looking for a stud dog to produce healthy and happy bulldog puppies, look no further than Anarchy Leprechaun, aka Hot Rod. Contact us today to learn more about Hot Rod and how he can help you achieve your breeding goals.