Available Olde English Bulldogge Puppies

Crooked Star Bulldogges Diamond

Despite her small size, Crooked Star Bulldogges Diamond stands out in our breeding program. At 60-65 lbs, she has a playful temperament and impressive athleticism, making her puppies a perfect match for families looking for an active companion. Diamond has had two successful litters, with all of her puppies finding loving homes throughout the United States.  Her last litter with Crooked Star Bulldogges Ruger was nothing short of spectacular!  Certainly, a “do-over”

Her lively personality and agility testify to our careful breeding practices, prioritizing health and fitness alongside good temperament and appearance. Chris and I are committed to preparing each puppy for success in their new home through early socialization, proper nutrition, and healthcare.

In short,  Diamond is a shining example of what a well-bred Olde English Bulldogge can be: playful, athletic, and full of love.

Paired with the right male, she can produce something very special!

Crooked Star Bulldogges Fancy

Fancy (aka Fancy Pants)- 1 word – WOW.  Look what this girl has turned out to be.  Fancy is a CSB production from Anarchy Rayna Jane x Crooked Star Bulldogges Bently. Tipping the scales at 90lbs, she is one big impressive chocolate tri female and will likely leave you uneasy until you figure out exactly how SWEET she is.  As with most CSB dogs, Fancy is healthy, very well-tempered, and extremely athletic.

In Jan 2022, Fancy whelped her first litter and it was nothing short of spectacular!

Crooked Star Bulldogges Beetle (Bee Bee)

This is a girl!  A product of 2 of our favorites – Ladybird and Bruno.  These two together have pup 33 puppies on the ground, including Bentley, Shelby and now Beetle.

This chocolate tri is going to be a beast.  Typical Ladybird offspring, she is long, deep and very wide with exception bone, structure and confirmation.

This picture does not do her justice.

She should be expecting her first litter December 2020 – We can’t wait!!!!

Crooked Star Bulldogges Shelby

Crooked Star Bulldogge Shelby is a stunning example of the Olde English Bulldogge breed. With her beautiful chocolate tri coat, unique color tone texture, and muscular build, she embodies the breed standard in every way. She was born in 2018 and is the product of Anarchy’s Ladybird, the matriarch of our Oldie program,  and Bruno of Crooked Star Bulldogges, two of our foundation dogs.

I often say, “As pretty as Shelby is, like most Crooked Star Bulldogge’s dogs, she is a better dog!” As part of our Ladybird line, Shelby is a mainstay within our breeding program and represents everything they are striving to do. Her long, wide, and deep body type gives her puppies plenty of room to grow in the womb and makes whelping a breeze, a valuable characteristic in a breeding dog.

Currently, she is expecting her 3rd litter, and we have kept at least one puppy from each litter, including Crooked Star Bulldogges Ruger, one of our main stud dog. Shelby’s lineage and breeding are a testament to her exceptional quality, and she continues to be an important part of the Crooked Star Bulldogges family.

Shelby’s temperament is just as impressive as her physical appearance. She has a personality of gold and is known for her friendly, laid-back temperament. She’s the type of dog that loves “just to hang out” and get her belly rubbed. This sort of temperament is in line with the breed standard, which calls for a calm, confident, and loving temperament.

One of the most unique things about Shelby is the way her tongue always seems to hang out of the side of her mouth, just like in her picture.  This gives her a distinctive, welcoming, and charming appearance that sets her apart.

Shelby’s puppies are in high demand and are often reserved long before they are ready to go home. If you are interested in a puppy from her litter, please contact us to be put on our notification list. When we notify you, act quickly to secure your deposit and ensure you get one of these highly sought-after puppies.

Crooked Star Bulldogges Harley

Harley is a chestnut chocolate female from our July 2017 litter of Bruno X Lacy.  We can’t say enough about her. Although she is not “officially” retired, she is not part of our regular breeding program.  Harley exemplifies the best a great breeding.  Just like her dam, Lacy, it’s hard to pick her apart.

USBR Best in Show Champion!