Wicked Zelle of Crooked Star Bulldogge

Mr. Zee…all I can say is WOW!  Although he is not one of our production, Chris and I searched long and hard for a male that met all of our standards!  Boy, did we find one!  Officially known as Anarchy Bulldogs Wicked Zelle, he is known around here as Mr. Zee.

Zee is as compact and dense as any OEB I’ve seen.  This lilac tan guy tips the scales about 90+lbs and has everything we were looking for to complement our dams.  He is long; he is wide; he is deep; he is thick; he is low to ground and has tons of bone. Put all of that will a million-dollar head and your really have something special. If you are looking to add to your program, Zee is your guy!

But Zee is more than just a well-bred dog with desirable physical characteristics. He is a sweet, playful, and loving boy who gets along with every dog he meets, male or female. Zee’s “funnier than life” personality often makes him the center of attention.  I can only describe Zee as a character, just like when you go to a festival and the artist is drawing a cartoon of someone – Zee that that cartoon!

Zee is a proven sire, with many litters and several shipments of his semen all over the US. He is a desirable breeding male not just for his physical characteristics but also for his good health and temperament.

If you are looking to add to your program, Zee is your guy!

Crooked Star Bulldogges Ruger

Open for Stud

Ruger has come into his own and with his 1st litter on the ground.  Holy Smokes!  This black tri merle certainly brings a sense of attention-grabbing style.  Although we do not own is sire, Anarchy’s Chrome’, Ruger is off one of our favorite girls in the yard – Crooked Star Bulldogges Shelby.  This is the 3rd generation of our Ladybird line.

He is currently available for stud.

Bruno of Crooked Star Bulldogges

Open for Stud

Bruno – winner of Best Male, USBR Respect the Breed Show. Bruno is something really special. He is the perfect combination of “bully” and athlete. Standing 19in tall and weighing 75lbs, this Chocolate Tri is a free breather and free breeder!

Best of all…he is just a great dog!

Crooked Star Bulldogge Bentley

Open For Stud

Bentley is a chocolate fawn triple carrier male. A 2018 product of Ladybird and Bruno, he is a perfect example of bringing the best of two breeding dogs together.

Standing about 19 inches tall and about 90 lbs, Bentley certain bring size to the table.  He is conformationally as close to the breed standard as you can get.  He has size, bone, color, genetics, and a big “ole” wrinkly face!  As gorgeous as he is, his personality and demeanor are really his strong suit.